We would like to extend our gratitude to our sponsors. Our sponsors include:

Shop N Save

Shop N Save is one of the biggest supermarket chain's in the country. The chain is owned by Babu Ratan Deo, a life member of Fiji Football Association and the Patron of Lautoka Football Association. Shop N Save is also the Official Sponsor of the Fiji National Football Team.

Shop N Save has been a sponsor of Lautoka Football for more than 4 years. Their sponsorship includes paying wages of players and overall financial support for the association.

With a branch in almost every town and city around Fiji, Shop N Save is undoubtly one of the biggest companies in the South Pacific. We thank Shop N Save for their continuous support in the development of Lautoka Soccer.

Optimus Fiji

Optimus Fiji specialises in Web Development and Software Development. Optimus not only designed but also manages at absolutely Zero Cost. The company is owned by a 21 year old year entrepreneur, named Shelvin Chand who is a long time Lautoka Fan.

Optimus also provides other services such as domain registrations, email hosting, logo and print media designs and social media platform marketing for comapnies.

Other famous clients of Optimus include Bollywood Music Directors and Singers Toshi Sabri and Sharib Sabri. Optimus guarrantees the cheapest deals in the South Pacific.


There is no performance without passion.
There is no victory without effort.
There is no challenge without ambition.
Since 1973, there is no sport without Lotto.

Lotto is a sports apparel manufacturer. It began in June 1973 and has since become a world-renowned apparel company. Its products are now distributed in more than 60 countries.

Lotto is the Official Kit Provider for Lautoka FC in all international competitions like the Oceania Champions League and the Fiji Cup held in New Zealand.