Blues Fans Club

What is Blues Fans Club? Blues Fans Club

The Blues Fans Club is the official Lautoka FC fan club. Currently it consists of and is run by the executives of Lautoka Football Club. These include the President, Vice Presidents and the Secretary. They contribute funds towards the running of the club.

All players playing for Lautoka are contracted by the Blues fans club. While our major sponsor Shop N Save is responsible for paying the weekly wages of the players, the Blues fans club is responsible for players' overall welfare. They are responsible for paying the transfer fees of players, their upfront payment upon signing, rent and many other things.

After much consideration the Lautoka Football Association has finally decided to open up membership to all the Lautoka Fans.

How to join?

If you are a local fan all you have to do is download the registration form from our website and fill it up. Once you are done you simply drop it off at our office in Nasoki Street with your annual subscription fee.

If you live outside Lautoka and are facing difficulty in coming down to Lautoka to make the payment, you can simply mail us your filled application form and simply deposit the money into our bank account.

If you live outside Fiji then you will have to go through online registration which will open a couple of weeks after local registrations are under way. The delay is simply because we are expecting a huge number of local fans to register and as a result processing those applications will take time and thus processing both local and overseas applications at once can be overwhelming. We have manual registration for locals because many do not have credit cards to make online payments and we did not want to restrict anyone.

How much do I pay?

The membership is $50/year for locals and US$30/Year for Overseas fans.

What happens after I submit my form and pay my Subscription?

We will process your application, after which you will be given a membership card. People living outside Lautoka will be mailed their membership cards. Apart from that you will also be given a user name and password to access the exclusive online content on our website. Online accounts will be activated in 2-5 working days from the day of registration.

What are the Benefits?

All members get the following:

1. Free access to all Home League matches(worth around $50 alone)

2. Discount on ticket prices for tournaments held in Lautoka

3. Special seating area allocated to fans during home matches.

4. Chance to meet and talk to players , coach and officials

5. Access to our exclusive online content which includes:

- videos of past/future matches

- wallpapers

- confidential documents only known to insiders eg.correspondents from council meetings

Where does the money for the registration go?

This money is deposited into the Blues fans club account and will be used for the welfare of the team. A complete accountability of how this money is spent will be made available to all fans through our site.

To download the Registration Form: Click Here

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